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Our Success

New Jersey Middle School State Tournament (May 2019)

Tage Mehta & Matthew Chen, Champions

Middle School Tournament of Champions (May 2019)






Sebastian Rao, 8th Speaker LD

Close out, Policy, Asia Debate League

Shanghai Regional (May 2019)

Ken, Quarterfinalist, 4th Best Speaker

Wuxi Regional

Ken, Semfinalist and 3rd best overall speaker

World Scholar’s Cup (April 2019)






Frank, Minghan, and Jerry, first place.

Georgetown International Public Forum Tournament (April 2019)

Kailey Zhao & Mirah Mehta, Semifinalists, varsity

New York State Tournament (April 2019)

Mira Mehta & Kailey Zhao, Westfield Debate Team, Semfinalist, varsity
Quarterfinalists, middle school

Lakeland (February 2019)

Julio Cordero & Rajendra Singh, Leadership & Public Service, Semifinalists PF
Mira Mehta & Kailey Zhao, Westfield Debate Team, Quarterfinalists PF

Harvard (February 2019)














Kailey Zhao, 21st Speaker/772 varsity competitors
Mira Mehta, 70th Speaker/772 varsity competitors

Maya Dias, Westfield Debate Team,  23rdSpeaker MS/178 speakers
Maya Diase & Tage Mehta, Westfield Debate Team,  22nd MS/88 teams
Sayeed Edekar & Sophia Xing, Westfield Debate Team, 13th/ 88 teams

NSDA Beijing (December 2018)

Ken (Double Octofinalist, 2nd Open Speaker)
Guangzhao (December 2018)
Michael & Tong, 1st Place
Georgetown Original Oratory (November 2018)
Winnie, First Place Elementary School Division
December Middle School NYCUDL
Maya & Sayee 5th place in the Open PF division
Westfield Mehta & Edekar, 6th/36th
Sayee Edekar, 3rd speaker our of 72
Maye Dias, 6th speaker out of 72
Tage Mehta, 7th speaker out of 72
NHSDLC Middle School (November 2018)

Ye Zixi (Michael) and lin zuxuan (Tony).  NHSDLC Middle School 2nd Place, Michael Top Speaker

Hangzhou NSDA Open (November 2018)
Anji Huang (Angela Huang) — Second place
Zhang Yuhan (ANgela) — Top 7 Speaker in MS OO
Shenzhen NSDA Open (November 2018)

jing Xuan shenzhen OO first place

NYCUDL-Westfield Girls Round Robin (October 2018)
Mira Mehta & Kalie Zhao, 2nd Place
Bronx High School of Science (October 2018)
5-2 run-offs, Mira Mehta & Kalie Zhao
NSDA China Nationals (August 2018)

Kelly Phil & Brandon Chen, Quarterfinalists, Open PF

Ken & Rosalina, SAS/Kent  Octofinalist (Open)
Summer & Hunter (Doubleoctofinalist (MS)
NSDA Nationals (June 2018)
Andrew Tsang & Amber Ting (NSDA Middle School Policy Champions)
Micah Wang & Nathan Sung (NSDA Middle School Policy Semifinalists)
Nathan Sung (3rd Speaker)
Micah Wang (6th Speaker)
Amber Ting (7th Speaker)
Kelly Phil & Brandon Chen (Varsity Policy Elimination Rounds)


Georgetown Original Oratory (June 2018)
Martin (1st place, 3rd grade)
Elva (2st place, grades 4-5)
Chloe (3rd place, grades 4-5)
Serina (3rd place, grades 4-5)
Susan (3rd place, grades 4-5)
Mina (1st place, grades 6-8)
Helen (2nd place, grades 6-8)


Tournament of Champions (May 2018)
Julio Cordero and Rajendra Singh (Octofinalist, Silver Division)

Kelly Phil (20th Speaker, Silver Division)

Andrew Tsang & Kelly Phil; Yvette Tsent & Ethan Tai
(Semifinalist, International Division)


Middle School Tournament of Champions (May 2018)
Andrew Wang & Micah Tsang (Quarterfinalist, Policy Debate)
Amber Ting & Warren Huang (Semifnalist, Policy Debate)
Amber Ting (6th Place Speaker, Policy Debate)
Three additional top 25 speakers One of top 15 speakers, Public Forum


Shanghai Regional (May 2018)

Jack, Octa-Finalist in Shanghai (Novice Division (His first debate tournament, 1st Place Speaker))
Norman, Octa-Finalist in Shanghai (Novice Division (His first debate tournament))

Asia Debate League NSDA Tournament (April 2018)
Andrew Tseng & Ethan Tai (First Place, Novice Policy)
Kelly Phil & Brandon Chen (First Place, Varsity Policy)


Taiwan NSDA District Qualifiers to US NSDA Nationals (April 2018)
Ginny Hwang, Kelly Phil, Brandon Chen, Allen Huang

Xi’an Regional (April 2018)
Anna (4th as outstanding speaker in Xi’an Regional Tournament Open division; Semi-Finalist)

Wuxi Regional (April 2018)

Neemo (Double-Octa-Finalist)
Julia (Ranked as 9th Outstanding speaker in theNovice Division; quarterfinalist (Her first debate tournament))

Ningbo Regional (April 2018)

Neemo (Double-Octa-Finalist)
Tommy (Double-Octa-Finalist)
Julia (Outstanding speaker, Novice Division; Runner-up,  Novice Division (Her second debate tournament))

Lakeland (March 2018)
Mira Mehta and Kailey Zhao (Semifinalist, JV PF)

New Jersey State Tournament (March 2018)

Mira Mehta and Kailey Zhao (Semifinalist, JV PF)









California State Qualifiers (March 2018)
TCFL League State Qualifiers in LD – 2nd and 3rd

Harvard (February 2018)
Top 20/216 Novice PF
William Zhang (Quarterfinalist, TOC Qualifier, Congressional Debate Freshman in his first year of debate!)
Mira Mehta and Kailey Zhao (Doubleoctofinalist, JV PF)


Stanford (February 2018)
Darren Fang & Kristina Yang (International PF Finalists)
Benson Lin & Cynthia Lin (International PF Octofinalists)
Tyler Liu & Warren Huang International (PF Doubleoctofinalists Fiona Kao & Yvette Tseng)
JV Doubloctofinalists


NSDA China January Tournament of Champions (January 2018)
Yvette Tseng, 7th Speaker/220 students
Ethan Tai, 21st Speaker/220 students
Brandon Chen/Kelly Phil
Yvette Tseng/ Ethan Tai (4-2)


University of Virginia (December 2017)
Sebastian Rao (6th grader) (6th speaker HS Novice LD)


Illinois Congressional Debate Association #4 (December 2017)
William Ma, Naperville, (Finalist Nomination)


Jinan Regional (December 2017)


Sunny & Michelle (Semifinalsits)


Shenzhen Regional (December 2017)
Sunny & Michelle (Quarterfinalists)


Flower Mound, Dallas, TX Regional (December 2017)
Ishita Palet & Meena Dara (2nd Place)


NYCUDL Middle School (December 2017)
Caroline Li & Sophia Xiang, ,Westfield Debate (3-0 undefeated)
Maya Dias & Sayee Edekar, Westfield Debate (3-0 undefeated)


Flower Mound (Dallas, TX)
3-0 Undefeated Ishita Palet & Meena Dara (1st Place)


Beijing Regional (December 2017)
Kelly Phil/ Kevin Cheng, ADL (2nd Place, Varsity PF)
Brandon Chen/ Darren Fang ADL (Quarterfinalist, VPF
Kevin Cheng, ADL (1st Place Varsity Speaker, VPF)
Kelly Phil, ADL (2nd Place Varsity Speaker, VPF)
Warren Huang/ Amber Ting ADL (2nd Place, Novice PF)
Micah Wang/ Nathan Sung , ADL (3rd Place, Novice PF)


Keller Fall Classic (November 2017)
Ishita Palet & Meena Dara, Flower Mound (Semifinalist, VPF)
Joshua Merze, Second Place, ICDA Congressional Debate #3


Georgetown (October 2017)
Alexander Liu, Elite Leadership Institute (Octofinalist, MS PF)
Zachary Wu, Elite Leadership Institute (Octofinalist, MS PF)
William Tong, Elite Leadership Institute (Octofinalist, MS PF)
Nicholas Liu, Elite Leadership Institute (Octofinalist, MS PF)
(First tournament for all students and institute)


Taiwan National Tournament (October 2017)
TAS Brandon Chen (Champion and Top 2 Speaker, Policy)
TAS Kelly Phil (Semifinalist and Top Speaker, Policy)
TAS Brian Hsiao (Semifinalist, Policy)
TAS Kristina Yang/ (Champion, VPF)
TAS Benson Lin (Champion, VPF)
KCB Eudora Chi/ Yvonne Kuo (Semi Finalist, Public Forum)
HSN/KCB Yvette Tseng/Fiona Kao Quarter  (Finalist, Public Forum)
KMC/KCB Eddie Wang/Calvin Chao (Quarter Finalist, Public Forum)
OLP/KCB Cynthia Lin/ Jenny Kuo (Quarter Finalist, Public Forum)


Fullerton (October 2017)
April Wang, Beckman HS (CA), (Quarterfinalist & 4th Speaker, Varsity LD (Second tournament))


Jack Howe (September 2017)
April Wang, Beckman HS (CA) (Octofinalist & 4th Speaker, Novice LD (First tournament))


Illinois Congressional Debate Association #2 (October 2017)
Joshua Merze (2nd Place, Novice)


Illinois Congressional Debate Association #1 (September 2017)
William Ma (2nd Place, Novice)


China NSDA Nationals (August 2017)
Middle School Asia Debate League, Octofinalist


Japan NSDA (August 2017)
Jenny Jung, BC Forensic League (Champion/1st Place)
Asia Debate League (Quarterfinalist)


Korea NSDA (August 2017)
Jenny Jung, BC Forensic League (Champion, 2nd Place Speaker)


US Tournament of Champions (May 2017)
Brandon Chen and Kelly Phil , Taipei America School
(Champion/1st place, International Division)
Benson Lin & Eric Chang, Asia Debate League (Quarterfinalist, Middle School)


NSDA Changsha Regional (April 2017)
Brent Lin & Yasmin Lin, Asia Debate League (1st Place, Novice)
Allen Huang & Brian Hsiao, Asia Debate League (Octofinalist, V Division)
Brandon Chen & Kelly Phil, Asia Debate L (Ouarterfinalist, V Division)