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Global Academic Commons is now offering tutoring in French.

All levels of French tutoring are offered, from introductory (little to no experience with French) to intermediate and advanced levels. The focus is on the four quadrants of language-learning: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral production, and written production and lessons are personally tailored to each student’s level and goals. The tutoring services target the acquisition of grammar and vocabulary, as well as cultural knowledge, and students will practice comprehending and responding to increasingly sophisticated oral and written passages, and on their oral and written production for both formal and informal situations.  For advanced students, tutoring and instruction in content-based modules (French and Francophone culture, French for business, French and Francophone literature) is also available.

Introductory lessons (little to no experience in French) will serve as a basic-level or refresher course for students with very little experience in French, and will concentrate on introducing basic vocabulary and grammar, elementary conversational skills, and cultural knowledge of the French and Francophone world.

Intermediate lessons will concentrate on building and perfecting skills, as well as introducing more sophisticated grammatical and linguistic knowledge, with a focus on both conversational and written French.

Advanced lessons are content-based and focus on perfecting written and oral forms in a cultural context, focusing on literature, culture, linguistics, or career-oriented topics.

Dr. Rachel Williams

Rachel received her Ph.D. in French & Francophone Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. She has spent extensive time living and working in France, in Aix-en-Provence and Lyon, where she taught at Université Lumière Lyon II. She has experience teaching all levels of French language, literature, and culture at several American universities and has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such Romance Notes, French Literature Series, and Romance Studies.