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Stefan Bauschard

stefanFor the past thirty I have been working to develop academic debate both in the United States and abroad.

I have been an active coach in the US at both the high school and college levels since 1994.  During that time I have coached hundreds of students, developed and tabulated more than one hundred and fifty tournaments tournaments, including major invitationals and national championships, and have spent thousands of hours developing research and instructional materials for debaters all over the United States.

Recently (2012-18), I have worked with Dipont Education Management and the US National Forensic League (NFL) (now the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA))  to develop debate in China  Korea, Japan, Morocco, Taiwan, and the Dominican Republic. These efforts are supported by the new Harvard Debate Council (HDC) – NFL Global Debate Curriculum that I have edited.

In 2015, I co-founded the Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes, a summer program for  middle school school and high school students in the US and abroad. There are locations in Washington DC and New York. I also founded Millennial Speech & Debate online that year, a website dedicated to providing research and instructional support for debaters.

In 2017 I developed the Global Academic Commons.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Director of Debate, Lakeland School District. I have been the Director of Debate for the Lakeland School District since 2005.  The district debate team is composed of more than fifty members and travels to more than 20 tournaments throughout the United States each year. The team has also traveled to China and Korea.  Responsibilities include training beginning debaters, coaching more experienced debaters, organizing travel for tournament competitions, and hosting a national invitational tournament each year.  Recent competitive highlights include sixth place at NSDA nationals, top speaker in the Stanford University tournament (out of 240) and eight best speaker at the Harvard University tournament (out of 500).

I previously coached for the Harvard Debate Council (2004-2015) and Boston College (2000-2004).


Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops  (Cambridge, USA).  In 2010, I co-developed the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops.   Between 2010 and 2014 I co-directed the workshops. The workshops have served nearly 1,000 students from all over the world, including Canada, China, India, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, the U.K., and the United States.    As co-director,  my responsibilities include overseeing the design and day to day management workshop, hiring faculty and staff, marketing, website development, developing and managing the budget, and growing relationships with partner organizations all over the world.

Millennial Speech  & Debate Workshops. In 2015, I started Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes, a summer program for middle school students that has run Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Providence.

Teacher Training (Wuxi, China).  In June 2012, I developed a training program for more than 100 teachers in China to support Dipont Education Management’s debate program.

Tournament Training (Seoul, South Korea).  I  spent many years working with the National Forensic League of Korea to provide support to the development and execution of the August 2012 Korean  Cup at the Korean National Assembly. I also assisted with the January 2013 Winter Championship and the August 2013 Summer Championship.  These tournaments repeated in 2014.

Teacher training (Vancouver, Canada). April 2017.

Instructional Support

(2002-2014). In 2002, I  co-developed with the Harvard Debate Council to provide research and instructional supports for debaters.  Since its development, the site has served more than 100,000 students and more than 2 million research files have been downloaded from the site. Responsibilities include research, managing the research of contractors, maintaining the website, supporting account maintenance, and engaging in strategic planning regarding the website. (2015-current).  This is a new instructional resources website that supports more than 15,000 current users.


A Public Forum Debate Handbook.  Over the past year I have edited this forthcoming book and authored a substantial portion of its contents.  I also forged a partnership between the HDC and the NFL to design a supporting curriculum and to strengthen the volume’s contents, which will be published in China in September 2013.  The book is designed for beginners who are learning  the basics of argumentation, public speaking, and Public Forum debate.  Additional instructional supports, including Power Points, lesson plans, and review exercises are currently under development.  It will be published in Mandarin and English.

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HDC-NFL Curriculum App.   This electronic app is a cooperative project of the National Forensic League of Korea, the National Forensic League of the US,, Smart Rootie, and the Harvard Debate Council. In addition to written curriculum, the app features instructional videos and self-scoring quizzes that support each lesson.  I organized and edited all of the material in the app and also arranged the cooperation amongst the relevant parties. The written part of the app is being translated into Korean.


National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA). For the past six years, I have worked with the NSDA to support the operations of its national tournament, including operating the 5,000+ person tournament in a single facility for the first time in Dallas in 2011 and 2015.

Tournament of Champions (TOC). Hosted by the University of Kentucky, this championship tournament attracts the most elite students from across the United States.  Since 2016 I have worked with the TOC to add an international component, build a second Public Forum division, and create a Middle School Tournament of Champions.

Harvard Debate Council. For 14 years I served as the Policy Debate Tabulation Director for the Harvard High School tournament. For six years, I was  the Policy Debate Tabulation Director for the Harvard College Tournament.  Both tournaments are national invitationals, attracting teams from all over the United States and abroad.

International divisions. I have added international divisions to the Harvard Debate Invitation, the Stanford Debate Invitational, the NSDA Championships, and the Tournament of Champions.

Georgetown University. I started the Georgetown University Public Forum tournament that has attracted debaters from all of the United States as well as China.

Lakeland School District. For the past 10 years, I have been the Tournament Director for the Lakeland school District’s Westchester Classic. I grew the tournament from 100 participants from three states to 500 participants from twelve states.

College National Debate Tournament. I hosted the College (NDT) in 2007. That tournament was voted the NDT of the decade.


US National Forensic League (now National Speech & Debate Association).  I am currently working with the US NFL to support the development of NFL programming, NFL events, and NFL memberships abroad.  I also write regular articles for the its monthly magazine and assist with the operation of the NFL’s national tournament.

Dipont Education Management. I am currently working with Dipont Education Management to develop debate in China. I have provided consultation on the development of events, partnering with the US NFL, topic design, and the development and management of their tournaments.  To date (May 2015), more than 5,000 students have enrolled in Dipont’s debate classes in 17 schools in China and hundreds have participated in the four tournaments that they have conducted to date.   I started working with Dipont in December of 2011 and the debate program in China began in September of 2012.  Dipont recruited 120 students to attend the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops in July 2012 and July 2013.

In the summer of 2013 I started working with Dipont to expand its other US-based academic programs, including a program to place K and pre-K teachers in China.

National Forensic League of Korea. I am working with the National Forensic League of Korea to design debate tournaments in Korea, assist with topic construction, and develop partnerships with US-based debate organizations.

Community Service

New York State Debate Coaches Association. In 2009, I co-founded the New York State Debate Coaches Association (NYSDCA) to support the development of debate in the state of New York.

New York City Urban Debate League. I currently serve as a Board member for the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL). The NYCUDL is a nonprofit dedicated to building debate opportunities in New York City’s Title 1 schools.  Recently, the NYCUDL was the recipient of a White House award for its efforts.

Debate Topic Representative. I serve as representative of New York to the National Federation of  State High School Associations  for policy debate topic selection.  Assistance includes vetting proposed topic areas and assisting with the writing of resolutions. I have provided this service since 1999 and was the author of the 2010-11 High School Policy Debate Resolution. I co-hosted the annual meeting in Boston in 2012.  This year, the resolution I proposed related to domestic surveillance was chosen as the nation-wide Policy debate topic for 2015-16.

TOC Advisory Committee.  I am a member of the US Tournament of Champions Advisory Committee for Policy Debate.  The committee meets each year at the tournament to provide advice on choosing tournaments to function as TOC qualifiers.  During the year, the TOC committee is often asked for feedback on any issues and controversies related to the event.

Recent Conferences Attended & Presentations

(2014). IDEA Holland Conference on Debate in the Neighborhood

(2013). Doha Conference on Argumentation, Debate, and Rhetoric.
Presentation: Empowering Achievement: Using Debate to Empower Students in Western Academic Settings

(2011).  OSI Conference on Youth in Budapest, Hungary


2010 Host, National Debate Tournament of the Decade
2009 Bronx Science Debate Award
2007 Keele Community Service Award
2001 ADA Community Service Award
1997 Acolyte Award for Outstanding Assistant Debate Coach in the Nation


Community Service

Operations & Fundraising Director, 2011 National Tournament.  I proposed and worked with the planning of the first ever US NFL national championship debate tournament to be held in a single property outside of a school. The tournament, which drew more than 3, 500 competitors from 750 schools from throughout the United States and Korea was hosted hosted in the Sheraton Dallas Hotel and Convention Center.  The tournament will return to this location in 2015 and 2019.

Host, 2007 College National Debate Tournament (NDT). In 2007, I was the host of the first ever non-institutional (non school supported) college National Debate Tournament. The tournament was hosted entirely in the Dallas Westin (Park Central) and was voted NDT of the Decade in 2010.

Co-Chair, NDT Scouting Committee 2004-2006.  I proposed and co-developed a joint scouting system where all teams attending the NDT would contribute scouts in order to support the mutual sharing of scouting information for preparation of debates during the NDT.  I co-chaired the committee to oversee the development of this system for two years

College Topic Committee Representative, 2001-2004. I worked with the Cross Examination Debate Association to write resolutions for the college debate seasons during 2001-2004.

Developed the first online case list, 2001-2004.  Argument case lists are designed for the purpose of sharing information to assist with tournament preparation.  Although these were common before 2001, they were shared on paper and via email.  In 2001, I established the first website ( to provide online sharing of this information.  This site was converted to a wiki-based system by Wake Forest Debate in 2005 and is currently managed at


American Forensic Association Newsletter editor 2001-2004.  I edited the bi-annual newsletter for the American Forensic Association.

Editor, Debater’s Research Guide 2002-2007.  Produced by Wake Forest University, the Debater’s Research Guide was the primary evidence card book for debaters for more than 25 years.

Debater’s Topic Guide, 1995-1997. Wake Forest University.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Policy Debate Topic. 1997-2002.   Paradigm Research.  This was an annual publication — approx. 200 pages each year.

Author and editor of more than 50 other debate handbooks between 1995 and 2005.

Rostrum Articles

September 2012. 2012-13 Policy Topic: Developing Transportation Networks.  With (students) Priten Shah and Mihir Paradkar.
November 2011. 2011-2012 Policy Topic: a Return to Space
November 2010. Expanding Controversy Beyond the Classroom: Supporting Competitive Policy Debate (with C. Champ)
May 2010. 2010-2011 Policy Topic: Debating US Foreign Military Presence
September 2009. Debating Topicality,
October 2009. Debating Disadvantages.
April 2009. Debating the 2009-10 Resolution: Federal Action to Extend Social Services to the Poor
March 2007.  2007-2008 Policy Topic: Public Health Assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa
March 2006. A Preliminary Analysis of the 2006-7 High School Resolution.
March 2004. Policy Debate: Searches & Detentions: Important Subsets of Broader Civil Liberties Issues
May 2003. Debating Environmental Ethics.
March 2003. In Search of Dry Land: Debating US Ocean Policy.
May 2002. Building a Team Oriented Approach to Success.
April 2002. Debate Research on the World Wide Web.
April 2001. Coaching to Cooperate: Team Debate as a Cooperative Learning

Other Publications

(2010). Navigating Opportunity: Policy Debate in the 21st Century.  Ed. Allan Louden. I contributed to the chapter on the academic benefits of policy debate. I also attended the conference that produced the volume.

Katsulas, J. and Bauschard, S.  (2000). Debate as Preparation for the Legal Profession:   A Survey of Debaters from the 1970s to the 1990s. Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern States Communication Association.March 29-April 2.

Bauschard, Stefan. “Coaching to Cooperate: Team Debate as a Cooperative Learning Method.” The Forensic Educator 15, no. 1 (2000-2001)

Bauschard, S. (1995). Uniqueness: A Sacred Concept.  Extensions: Newsletter of the American Debate Association, 2-5.

*Online Debate

Between 2009 and 2012 I engaged some work related to the development of online debate.  This included work with Debate Hall, a private company promoting a platform for electronic competition, and work done under a grant provided by the Open Society Foundation (OSF).

My work in this area included theorizing how online platforms should be developed,  developing assessment rubrics for the Debate Hall site, insuring consistency between the assessment rubrics and Common Core Standards, developing online competitions, and working with leading speech and debate organizations to experiment with use of the technology.

In the spring of 2012, I made a presentation in Budapest at an OSF-sponsored conference on my work.

Under the leadership of Dr. Gordon Stables, the University of Southern California is currently working under an OSF grant to develop a free online debating platform.

Coaching & Teaching


In the spring of 2013 I taught a graduate course at Wake Forest University on Teaching and Coaching debate in China.

The syllabus for the course, along with hyper-linked content, is available here.

Harvard Debate Council                                        2004-2016

St. Mark’s School of Texas  2004-2005
Boston College  1999-2004
Cathedral Prep  1997-1999
 Wake Forest Graduate Assistant  1994-1996


Workshop Instruction

1994-2007.  Wake Forest Summer Debate Workshops.  I taught 24 students in a lab setting for 11 summers. I also assisted with the development and management of the workshop, including marketing.

1993-1995. University of Michigan Summer Debate Workshops.


B.S., University of Pittsburgh  1994
27 MA Credits Communications Wake Forest  1994-1995
 M.S. Ed., Duquesne University  1997