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Coaches and Teachers

The Global Academic Commons only hires the very best and most experienced instructors so that we can provide the very best instruction to all of our students.  Most of our instructors have more than two decades of teaching experience and even our younger instructors have demonstrated exceptional academic and competitive success. We know that all competitors and parents want the very best and we are committed to providing just that.

Stefan Bauschard

The Founder of Global Academic Commons and the Director of Global Academic Commons Online programs, Stefan was a policy debate coach for the Harvard University Debate Council for twelve years, and is currently the Debate Coach for Lakeland School District, as well as the Founder and Director of Millennial Speech & Debate, the Georgetown Public Forum Debate Workshop, the Georgetown Public Forum debate tournament, and the Middle School Tournament of Champions.  Stefan has been actively teaching speaking and debating in the United States at both the high school and college levels since 1994. During that time, he has taught hundreds of students, developed and tabulated more than one hundred tournaments, spent thousands of hours developing research and instructional materials for debaters all over the country, and has developed academic speech and debate workshops in the United States and abroad. His students have reached the late elimination rounds of all the major high school debate tournaments, have qualified to the TOC, finished 6th out of more than 200 teams at US NSDA nationals, and have competed in all formats. He has worked to develop debate in the US, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Japan, Morocco, and Taiwan. High school students he has worked with have been admitted to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Emory, Georgetown, Northwestern, and many additional top US universities. His elementary students have been accepted to  Harrow International School Hong Kong and Legacy International in Switzerland.

Dr. Rachel Williams

Dr. Rachel Williams is the Director of Public Speaking Curriculum Development and Lead Public Speaking Instructor at Global Academic Commons. She holds an M.A. in Comparative Literature and a Ph.D. in French and Francophone Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and has presented and published her work in the United States and abroad. Dr. Williams has over 10 years teaching experience at universities in the U.S. and France, where she has designed and taught a wide variety of courses focused on the development of speaking and writing skills in both English and French, from the beginner to the advanced levels. She has also taught English as a Second Language, with an emphasis on the acquisition of public speaking and composition skills, at Université Lumière Lyon II in Lyon, France.

At Global Academic Commons, Dr. Williams has hundreds of hours of tutoring experience and works with students of all ages to improve their public speaking and writing skills. She teaches courses focused on tournament preparation and more general courses designed to increase skill-level on a broader spectrum. Her Original Oratory students have been very successful, going on to reach the final rounds at several tournaments.

Rachel is available to teach public speaking, Original Oratory, and middle school and beginner Public Forum Debate. She is also our French tutor.

Stefan is available to teach all debate events, public speaking, and assist with preparation for Model United Nations.

Brian Manuel

Brian Manuel is the Director of Policy Debate at Stanford University and the Director of Debate at Edgemont High School. Prior to Stanford, Brian coached for Harvard University, where his teams were greatly successful achieving multiple First Round At-Large bids to the National Debate Tournament and participated in elimination rounds. At Stanford, Brian has coached teams to the elimination rounds of the National Debate Tournament and the Cross Examination Debate Association National Championship. On the high school circuit, Brian has coached the champions of the 2003 Bronx Science, 2008 Barkley Forum, 2011 Meadows & USC tournaments, and the 2012 Golden Desert Invitational. In addition, Brian has had multiple teams in the elimination rounds of the Tournament of Champions, NDCA, NCFL, and NSDA Nationals with finals finishes in 2007 and 2012, in addition to coaching the top speaker at NSDA Nationals in 2013.High school students he has worked with have been admitted to Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Emory, Georgetown, Northwestern, and many additional top US universities. Brian is the Assistant Director of the Global Academic Commons online programs.

Joshua Gonzalez

Joshua Gonzalez has more than 20 years’ experience coaching debate at the high school and college levels and is currently an Assistant Coach for the debate team at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. Previously, Joshua served as a Lecturer and the Assistant Director of Debate at the University of Houston (TX) and an Assistant Coach for the debate teams at the University of Iowa, Wake Forest University (NC), and Michigan State University. Joshua has coached numerous late-elimination round qualifiers at national championship tournaments in both collegiate and high school debate, including the 2006 National Debate Tournament Champions and 2009 Runners-Up.

Currently, Josh is the Director of the St. Louis Urban Debate League and is one of our regular online teachers.  Josh has coached more than 100 hours of debate online and many of his students have reached the late elimination rounds of Public Forum tournaments.

Brian is available to teach all debate events and public speaking.

Glen Frappier

Glen Frappier is a Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies and the Director of the Gonzaga University Debate Program. Under his leadership, Gonzaga has achieved numerous successes at the highest levels of collegiate policy debate. In 2012, Glen’s achievements were recognized by the National Debate Tournament as the recipient of the George Ziegelmueller Award, presented annually to a coach who has distinguished themselves in the communication profession while coaching teams to competitive success at the NDT.  In addition to coaching, Glen has 20 years of classroom experience teaching a wide array of college courses, including Public Speaking, Argumentation, Nonverbal Communication, Persuasion, Rhetorical Criticism, and Introduction to Rhetoric. He has also served as a communications consultant on issue and candidate campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. Glen has a B.A. in Political Science and an M.S. in Communication from Southern Illinois University.

Glen is available to teach all debate events, public speaking, and general communication courses.

Dr. Mikaela Malsin

Dr. Mikaela Malsin is currently the Director of Debate at Georgetown University, where she also serves as Director of the summer Georgetown Debate Seminar for high school students. She received her M.A. in Communications from Wake Forest University and her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Georgia.

In her first year as Director at Georgetown, Dr. Malsin coached her team to the final round of the college National Debate Tournament (NDT), where they lost on a 4-3 decision and finished second. In her previous position as Associate Director of Debate at Emory University, her alma mater, she coached multiple first round at large bids to the National Debate Tournament, as well as one team who placed third in the Copeland award rankings. As a coach at Wake Forest University, she coached teams she coached teams receiving first round bids and clearing at the National Debate Tournament. Dr. Malsin has also taught debate at the Emory National Debate Institute, the Dartmouth Debate Institute, the Georgia Debate Institute, and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Summer Institute.

Mikaela is available to teach Public Forum Debate, Policy Debate, and Public Speaking.

Dr. Matt Stannard

Matt Stannard, JD, is currently and instructor at the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops and the Coordinator at Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate. He is the former Director of Forensics at University of Wyoming

He has 15 years coaching all debate and speech events at University of Wyoming, CSU-Long Beach, and College of Eastern Utah. He coached the NPDA/NPTE national parliamentary debate champions, regional and district championships in NDT/CEDA, elimination round participants at NDT, CEDA, NPDA, NPTE

Matt is available to teach Public Forum Debate, Original Oratory, and Public Speaking.

The students Matt has taught online have reach the elimination rounds in Public Forum debate, reached the finals of Original Oratory, and have placed in the 21st Century Public Speaking competition.

Mike Lacy

Mike Lacy is the head debate coach at Ivy Bridge Academy (IBA).  Mike first got into debate doing Policy at Chattahoochee High School.  While there, he was a Novice, JV, and 2-time Varsity state champion, quarterfinalist at MBA, semifinalist at Emory, finalist at Harvard, champion of the Glenbrooks, and received a top 5 speaker award at all of those tournaments.  He qualified for the TOC his junior and senior year receiving a total of 13 TOC bids and eventually reached the quarterfinals there.

Mike continued Policy debate into college, receiving a debate scholarship to the University of Georgia.  While there, Mike served as President of the Georgia Debate Union while qualifying for the NDT all 4 years, receiving an at-large bid as a top 16 team 3 of those years, and reaching the octafinals of the NDT twice.  He majored in Economics and minored in Philosophy.

Since starting the debate program at IBA, Mike has shifted his focus to Public Forum debate.  His coaching accolades include finalists at Georgetown, finalists at middle school NSDA Nationals, and semifinalists at the middle school TOC, in addition to top speaker each of those tournaments.  Multiple schools that he has worked with have been recognized as a “School of Excellence” at NSDA Nationals.

Brian Rubaie

Brian is the Debate Coach at the University of Iowa and the Second Vice President of the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), where he also serves as the chair of the Research Committee and a representative of the Topic Committee.

Brian is responsible for preparing the team to compete in intercollegiate debate competitions. His duties include recruiting, research, strategic argument development, arranging travel, coordinating team meetings and practice sessions, and judging and coaching at intercollegiate debate tournaments.

In his first season as coach, Brian helped the team earn Iowa’s second national championship and make history by earning First and Second place at the 2018 CEDA National Championship. The team finished in the top five of the final 2017-2018 NDT varsity team standings.

Brian arrived at Iowa after coaching high school and college debate for over a decade. He was named the Assistant Coach of the Year in 2015 by the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA) after coaching The Barstow School to become one of only two teams in Missouri’s history to earn a winning record at the Tournament of Champions (TOC). Brian has also coached at Greenhill, Glenbrook North, Niles North, and Coppell high schools.

As a college competitor, Brian was the 2010 CEDA Debater of the Year. He and his partner reached the semifinals of CEDA and quarterfinals of the NDT, and Brian received Top Ten speaker honors at both. He graduated with honors from the University of Texas-Dallas. As a high school competitor, Brian set the individual points record for the National Speech and Debate Association, was a three-time national finalist, and won multiple Kansas state championships.

Brian is available to teach Policy and Public Forum debate.

Martin Osborne

Martin Osborn has been debating and coaching debate since his high school days in Wyoming, totaling nearly 18 years. As a high school debater, Martin placed 7th at NSDA Nationals and also became part of the only class in the history of Wyoming to attend the TOC. As a competitor for Missouri State University, Martin qualified to the college National Debate Tournament (NDT) four times and was awarded Top Speaker at both the NDT and Cross Examination Debate Association  (CEDA) Nationals his senior year. CEDA also graced him with the “Baby Jo” Debater of the Year award. Later, Martin earned his M.A. at Wake Forest University while coaching and helping to rebuild one of the most successful programs in the United States, including a Kentucky round robin appearance, multiple first-round bids, and elimination appearances at every tournament, including the NDT. Since then, he has worked with NDT programs at Kansas State and the University of North Texas. As a high school coach, Martin’s teams have appeared in late elimination rounds at tournaments such as Montgomery Bell Academy, Emory, Glenbrooks, and multiple Tournament of Champions (TOCs). Over the last decade, he has worked at many of the country’s premier high school camps, including Berkeley, Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, and UMKC. He currently coaches skills and argumentation for Fullerton Union High School.

Martin is available to teach all forms of debate.

Dr. Michael Hester

Dr. Michael Hester just completed his twenty-third year as the Director of Debate at the University of West Georgia (UWG). Under his leadership, UWG Debate has won three national championships, most recently in 2015, twice being national runner-up, and finishing 3rd in the nation two other times. In 2017, his career achievements were recognized with the George Ziegelmueller Outstanding Achievement award for Director of Debate and the Ross K. Smith National Coach of the Year.

In addition to working at UWG, Dr. Hester has served as a faculty member during summers at institutions across the US, including Arizona State University, the University of California-Berkeley, Emory University, Gonzaga University, and the University of Michigan.

Dr. Hester earned his bachelor’s in political science from West Georgia College, master’s in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia, and PhD in Communications from Georgia State University. His doctoral dissertation, “America’s #1 Fan: A rhetorical analysis of presidential sports encomia and the symbolic power of sports in the articulation of civil religion in the United States,” was the first scholarly work to analyze White House sports championship ceremonies. He has most recently been quoted as an expert in presidential sports rhetoric in the September 2, 2017 USA Today article “White House Gamesmanship.”

Dr. Hester has held several titles at UWG, including Dean of the Honors College from 2012 to 2015. He has taught every year during his time at UWG, more than 150 classes. His UWG distinctions include being the youngest recipient of the UWG Distinguished Service Award, the only three-time recipient of the Honors College Professor of the Year, and the two-time recipient of Advisor of the Year as recognized by the Black Excellence & Leadership Awards.

According to Dr. Hester, Debate is also much more research intensive than just a public speaking contest. “I would have to describe it as an intellectual beauty pageants of sorts; beauty in the eye of the beholder, and debate is in the eye of the observer.” Hester retains that the best part of debate is the students “It’s one of the best parts of being a teacher. You get to work with ambitious, creative and driven students. All of our debaters have high creative thinking levels, and they’re just very smart.”

Michael is available to teach all forms of beginner and advanced debate.

Marie Dzuris

Marie Dzuris is currently an adjunct Economics Professor at Clark State in Dayton, OH, where she teaches General Economics, Macro and Micro, both online and in person.

Before taking a position with Clark State, Marie spent 30+ years working with high schools students, teaching debate, speech communication, and AP Economics courses at Centerville High School.  At Centerville, Marie coached some of the very best high school debaters in the United States.  She was inducted into the Tournament of Champions Coaches’ Hall of Fame in 2009.

Marie is available to teach public speaking, Public Forum debate, and economics.


Briana Lewis

Briana Lewis is currently the Constituent Services Director at the Michigan house of Representatives. She is a graduate of Michigan State University where she majored in Comparative Cultures and Politics with a concentration in South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. During her time there she served as a teaching assistant and student researcher.

Briana has extensive debate experience, as both a debater and a coach. She debated at the collegiate level for four years. As a coach and instructor, she spent 4 years teaching at both Michigan State’s Spartan Debate Institute and Emory University National Debate Institute, working with both middle and high schoolers of varying debating ability. Briana has also coached high school teams during the regular season with success. Students she has coached have been the top seed at New York City Invitational Debate and Speech tournament and have received Tournament of Champion bids for in 2016 and 2017.

Erica Coburn

Erica Coburn earned her Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Temple University. She has taught and tutored students focused on a variety of linguistic goals, including improving their public speaking and writing skills.  Erica has taught English language learning at a variety of levels at Drexel University, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), The Providence Center in Philadelphia, The Ronald McDonald House, and has worked with students attending Temple University, Drexel University and the Community College of Philadelphia.


In addition to her experience in education, Erica’s professional career has included substantial experience in a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of children and the hospitality industry.

Gabriella Knight

Gabriella Knight graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Industrial Relations from Cornell University, where she is currently an Assistant Debate Coach. She has a Minor in Law & Society and Disability Studies.

She was the Captain of the Cornell University debate team and taught at the Cornell International Summer Debate Camp.  She also directs the Cornell Society for the Advancement of Women Debaters, where she leads workshops on how to make debate societies more gender inclusive and how to avoid implicit gender bias in debate contexts. She hosts additional debate information sessions and training workshops for women debaters outside of debate society meetings and practices.

                                         Gabriella is available to teach Public Forum debate and public speaking.

Robey Holland

Robey Holland is the Director of Forensics at Plano West Senior High School, a program that won the Tournament of Champions and NSDA Nationals in 2018. Robey’s students have won state and national championships in several speech and debate events, but Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum Debate are his favorite events to coach. Robey is entering his fifteenth year in the debate community as a competitor and coach and was a four year LD and policy debater in high school.

Robey is available for tutoring in LD and Public Forum debate.


Clara Bates

Clara Bates is a sophomore at Harvard studying Social Studies. She participated in policy debate for five years (high school and first year of college at Harvard). For four weeks last summer, she worked as a lab leader at the UMKC debate camp where she was responsible for judging practice debates, guiding research groups, and giving lectures on argumentation.  She writes for the Harvard Political Review and the Harvard Crimson, and served as a research assistant to a professor on campus last semester.

Clara is available to help with English, writing, and debate skills.



Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin is a graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in Journalism. She participated in policy debate for 3 years in high school and collegiate mock trial through the American Mock Trial Association for 4 years at Seton Hall. She has experience as an expert witness and opening/closing attorney. She was the captain of her team for 1.5 years and received multiple individual witness and attorney awards, as her team placed among the top 5 at multiple tournaments and earned bids to the first round of national championships. Anna is available to teach beginning-intermediary (collegiate) mock trial to individuals or groups.

Anna is available to teach Public Forum debate and Policy debate.

Amy Bauschard

Amy Bauschard, the Director of the Global Academic Commons Online Programs for Young Learners, is the director of the Carpe Diem Academy operated by Mercyhurst University, and has been named an “Afterschool Champion” by the Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN). She was nominated and selected for her “exemplary commitment, dedication, and outstanding work in supporting meaningful, high-quality, afterschool programming for children and youth.” She has taught at Mercyhurst University as a faculty member in the Education department for five years and also overseas at the Mercy Center for the Arts, a preschool that offers a unique correlated program of art, science, music, dramatic movement, and literature. She has more than a decade of teaching experience at the early childhood level, and she has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with both principal and reading specialist certifications. Amy works to adapt our public speaking and debate curriculum to provide an exceptional learning experience for our youngest students. She also oversees our writing program for young learners.

Amy is available to teach elementary school reading, writing, and public speaking

Dave Arnett

Dave Arnett is the Director of Debate at the University of Kentucky. Before arriving at Kentucky, Dave was the Director of Debate at the University of California at Berkeley for twelve years. On 14 occasions, his teams have been ranked in the top 16 (US), including 10 top five teams, and 3 overall number one rankings. His teams have won almost every major college tournament in the US including Dartmouth, Harvard, Northwestern, and Wake Forest. He has coached a national championship team as well as two runner-ups. Dave was selected the National Coach of the Year on two separate occasions (2009, 2015). This year, Dave has had two separate teams ranked in the top 16 of the national debate coaches’ poll. He has over twenty years of experience teaching high school students. Kevin Hamrick is the Director of Debate at Montgomery Bell Academy. This year his teams have dominated the national policy circuit, winning St. Mark’s, New Trier, and the Glenbrooks. His teams have also advanced to the elimination rounds at every other major tournament. Prior to coaching at Montgomery Bell, Kevin coached at Northwestern, where he assisted with coaching multiple national champions.

Dave is available to teach Policy debate and Public Forum debate.

Dr. P. Anand Rao

Anand Rao is the Associate Professor of Communication and Director of the Speaking Intensive Program and the Speaking Center at the University of Mary Washington. Anand co-founded a major debate workshop and served as Curriculum Director for the workshop for three years Anand has presented at dozens of national and international academic conferences, and regularly serves as a consultant and workshop leader for academic programs in the United States. He has more than twenty-five years of experience with speech and debate at the high school and college level, and served as a consultant on a documentary about the National Debate Tournament. Anand also studies uses of new media, including social networking, blogging, micro-blogging, and convergence media presentation to communicate in interpersonal and broadcast settings. Anand is the Director of the Global Academic Commons Online Public Speaking programs.

Anand is available to teach Public Speaking.

Natalie Bennie is a graduate of Samford University and is currently an M.A. student in Communication at Wake Forest University, where she will graduate in 2019. She currently coaches the powerhouse Wake Forest University debate team and was the recipient of a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to Germany, where she taught English through public speaking and debate.

Natalie has extensive U.S. and international experience in debate as both a debater and a coach. As a coach, in addition to her present position at Wake Forest, she has taught high school students at multiple highly-regarded summer debate institutes in the U.S., including programs at University of Michigan, Wake Forest University, Samford University, and the Washington D.C. Urban Debate League. She recently chaired a panel on “The State of Debate in Asia” at the National Communication Association Annual Convention. As a student, she began her career as a Public Forum competitor and continued on to become a successful policy debater at Samford University. There, she was in the out-rounds of several major tournaments and was selected for the US National Debate Team tour of Japan in 2015.

Natalie has successfully taught multiple Public Forum debate and public speaking courses at Global Academic Commons. In her Public Forum debate classes, she works with both novices, teaching them basic debate skills, and with experienced students, where she coaches them in more advanced skills and prepares them for tournament success.

Natalie is available to teach Public Forum debate and  public speaking.

Pablo Gannon

Pablo Gannon is an M.A. candidate in Communication at Wake Forest University, where he coaches the Wake Forest University debate team, one of the most prestigious college debate teams in America. During his time coaching at Wake Forest, the team has reached the late elimination rounds of every major national tournament, including a top 5 ranking.

Pablo had a highly successful high school debate career. He placed 5th overall in the US NSDA national tournament and won both the University of Southern California Invitational and the National Debate Coaches Association Championships. In addition to his experience coaching at the college level, Pablo spent two years teaching high school speech and debate in Ilsan, South Korea, and Chengdu, China, and recently participated in a panel on “The State of Debate in Asia” at the National Communication Association Annual Convention.

At Global Academic Commons, Pablo has been in demand as a Public Forum debate coach and has taught introductory and advanced debate skills, including tournament prep and topic research courses.

Pablo is available to teach Public Forum debate and public speaking.

Hannah Call

Hannah Call is currently Assistant Debate Coach at George Mason University, the second-ranked, and one of the largest, collegiate policy debate teams in the country. She is currently her Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at the same institution.

In her role as Assistant Debate Coach, she is the lead recruiter for entry-level debaters and a pivotal researcher.  She has demonstrated teaching expertise and communicative abilities, coaching debaters to multiple tournament championships.

She has also served as the Assistant Director of the George Mason Debate Institute and has lead many classes teaching Public Forum debate.   She contributed to the vast competitive success of students involved in the lab, including tournament championships, during their respective debate seasons

Hannah is available to teach Public Forum and Policy debate and public speaking.

Amisha Mody Mehta

Amisha Mody Mehta.  Amisha Mody Mehta is an attorney, debate parent, debate coach and member of the New York City Urban Debate League Board of Directors.   She has a B.S. in Finance and International Business from the Stern School of Business at NYU and a J.D. from Columbia Law School.   After working on Wall Street as a corporate lawyer, she decided to dedicate her time to her true passions, family and public service. Amisha discovered debate with her children, and, together with the support of the New York City Urban Debate League and the school system, they started the Westfield Debate Team, which currently has over 30 students in grades 6-11. This year, her teams reached elimination rounds at Penn, Harvard, Lakeland, and  the Silver division of the TOC.

Amisha is available to teach beginning and limited experience Public Forum students.

Conrad Palor

Conrad is a student at the University of Notre Dame, pursuing a double major in Finance and Political Science. While in high school, Conrad debated for four years at Green Valley High School (NV), serving as vice president his junior year and president his senior year. Conrad qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice in Public Forum and was ranked as high as fourth in the nation his senior year. He also reached late out rounds at the majority of tournaments he attended, including both the TOC (twice) and the NSDA National Tournament (three times). Conrad won the Alta Invitational, the Bingham Copper Classic, the 2016 IPF NSDA National Tournament, and the Nevada State Tournament (twice). Outside of Public Forum, Conrad placed top 14 in the nation in House at the 2017 NSDA National Tournament and was the runner up in United States Extemporaneous Speaking at the Nevada State Tournament. As a coach, Conrad has coached students to out rounds at multiple national tournaments, and has helped teams he has worked with qualify to the TOC.

Conrad is available to teach Public Forum debate and public speaking.

Dr. Sydney Pasquinelli

Dr. Sydney Pasquinelli is a Visiting Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, where she recently finished a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication. She has spent the past 7 years studying communication topics at an advanced level, but came from a political science background at Wayne State University, where she also debated for four years and qualified to the National Debate Tournament twice. Sydney coached policy debate full-time at Wake Forest University from 2009-2011 and at University of Pittsburgh from 2011-2016, and has also coached part-time for Groves High School (MI), University of Oklahoma, and Edgemont High School (NY). In the summer of 2017, she worked at the Stanford University debate camp. She has also instructed summer labs at the Spartan Debate Institute, the UMKC Summer Institute, and the Mean Green Workshops, but her favorite to work at is the Stanford National Forensic Institute.

Sydney is available to teach Original Oratory and Public Speaking.

Jackie Poapst

Jackie Poapst, Assistant Director of Debate at George Mason University, is finishing her Ph.D. (expected December 2018)  in Communication.  She currently has an MA in Strategic Communication and an undergraduate degree in criminology.  Her Ph.D. dissertation analyzes the rhetoric and argumentation related to judicial deference in the US legal system. She is the recipient of the Frank Harrison Award for Excellence in Coaching, awarded by the United States Navy. She was the outstanding MA student of the year in 2015.

Jackie has taught college courses in public speaking, argumentation, gender and communication, media theory, and interpersonal and group interaction. She has also been the Director of the George Mason Debate Institute since 2014. During her first year as Director, the institute became the largest debate institute in Virginia. Jackie has also taught elementary and middle school debate and public speaking at Ivy Christian College.

While coaching at George Mason, her teams have reached the final rounds of many prominent national tournaments, including Liberty, Mary Washington, and Wayne State.

Jackie is available to teach public speaking, public forum, and basic communication skills

Patrick Waldinger

Patrick joined the University of Miami in 2013 as the Assistant Director of Debate and a Lecturer in the School of Communication. Prior to joining the faculty at UM, Patrick served as the Debate Coach and Lecturer in Communication at Boston College. Patrick is currently the Vice President for the Cross Examination Debate Association, Vice President for the American Debate Association, the Vice Chair to the Sixth District of the National Debate Tournament and is on the Board of Directors for Dade Debate, Inc.

Patrick received his B.A. in Politics at The Catholic University of America in 2003. As a debater, Patrick won several tournaments including the 2003 Varsity American Debate Association National Championship and was a two-time qualifier to the National Debate Tournament. Patrick received his M.A. in Communication at Wake Forest University in 2005, where he was a Graduate Assistant for the debate team. During his time coaching at UM, the debate team has won several tournaments including the ACC Debate Tournament, the Lafayette Debates, the Georgia State Debate Tournament, the Henry Clay Debates at the University of Kentucky, the intra-Florida Sunshine State Showdown, the University of Indiana Debate Tournament, the Southeast Region of the Cross Examination Debate Association and the American Debate Association Fall Championship. The debate team is now nationally ranked and were runners-up (2014) & in the final four (2017) at the American Debate Association National Championship Tournament.

Patrick also teaches debate over the summer to middle school and high school students. This past summer, he taught at UM’s own Hurricane Debate Institute (HDI), the Gonzaga Debate Institute and the Miami Dade Urban Debate League Summer Camp hosted at UM. In the past, Patrick has also taught at the Capitol Classic, the Wake Forest Debate Workshop, Millennial Speech & Debate Institute, Spartan Debate Institute and the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshop. In 2013, the Fulton Debating Society at Boston College awared Patrick as the Fultonian of the Year. In 2016, the American Debate Association awarded him The Founder’s Award for Service.

Patrick is available to teach Public Forum Debate, Policy Debate, and Public Speaking

Kevin Hamrick

Kevin Hamrick is the Director of Debate at Montgomery Bell Academy. This year his teams have dominated the national policy circuit, winning St. Mark’s, New Trier, and the Glenbrooks tournaments. His teams have also advanced to the elimination rounds at every other major tournament. Prior to coaching at Montgomery Bell, Kevin coached at Northwestern University, where he assisted with coaching multiple national champions.

Kevin is available to teach Public Forum debate and Policy debate.



Amar Adam

Amar Adam is Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Kentucky, one of the premier college debate programs in the United States and home of the Tournament of Champions. He currently coaches the top-ranked team in the United States.

Over the past 5 years, Amar has had an impressive record of accomplishments in college debate as both a student and a coach. As a student, he captained the University of Kentucky Debate Team, which was ranked in the top 5 nationally. He won the Naval Academy tournament 2018 and reached the top 16 in the National Debate Tournament that same year. A recipient of the highly competitive Singletary scholarship at University of Kentucky, Amar majored in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Arab Studies.

Amar has extensive teaching and coaching experience at both the high school and college levels. He spent four years teaching at the Northwestern Summer Debate Institute and also served as an instructor at the Georgetown Policy Debate Seminar. As a coach at the University of Kentucky, his teams have won four out of 5 major tournaments in the current academic year.

Amar has exceptional reviews as an online instructor. He coaches both introductory Public Forum and advanced skills courses, specializing in tournament preparation and topic research.

Amar is available to teach Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Public Speaking.  Amar also tutors in economics, both macro and micro, as well as calculus and statistics.

Jackson Ave

Jackson Ave is the head of debate at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York. Jackson competed for Okoboji High School (Iowa) in both Lincoln-Douglas and  Public Forum Debate. Jackson made it to elimination rounds at Harvard, Blake, and West Des Moines Valley. He was the first debater from his school to attend the Tournament of Champions. Additionally, Jackson has coached students to success in multiple events. While at Poly Prep, Jackson has coached the champions of the Harvard National Forensic Tournament in Public-Forum (‘16), Congressional Debate (‘18) and Original Oratory (‘16) as well as the champions of the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Public-Forum (‘16). Specifically, Jackson’s Public-Forum students have reached the final round of the Emory University Tournament (‘18) and the University of Kentucky Round Robin (‘17) as well as numerous teams reaching elimination rounds at Wake Forest, Yale, Georgetown, the New York City Invitational, and the University of Pennsylvania tournament.

Jackson is available to teach Public Forum debate and Lincoln-Douglas debate